• Peter Q.
    My wife and I were interested in doing a no money out Refinance since we heard rates had dropped. We have used Joe Cusumano on our original loan and had such a great experience we decided, "If it's not broke, don't fix it." We used Joe to do our Refinance. Joe was great! He was very straight forward and to the point. I am a local realtor and have many different lenders to go to and I decided to use Joe because I know he works hard for his clients and I can trust he will do a good job. I don't have to second guess his work or his ethics. He is a Professional. My wife and I were able to lower our monthly house payment and get a lower interest rate therefore saving us money overall. We were very happy with the quality service and professionalism of Joe Cusumano and would highly recommend him to do your loan or refinance. He was very thorough from the start to the end. Thank you again Joe! -Peter Q.
    Peter Q.
  • Tom and Nina Head
    Just a quick note to say thanks to you and Pro-One Investments for the assistance and guidance through our recent refinance of our home loan. You came highly recommended as being able to provide good service and I am glad to say you far exceeded our expectations. Your guidance during the process made it a quick and easy to obtain our new loan in a VERY short period of time. Your assistance in advising my wife and I during this process was fantastic and presented in a way that everything was understandable during the entire experience. Going forward you and Pro-One will be my choice to work with. I plan on recommending you to friends and family without hesitation. Thanks again for your assistance, Tom and Nina Head
    Tom and Nina Head
  • Fox Family
      Mr. Joe Cusumano and Donna O'Donald take their fiduciary duties very seriously. They have handled numerous mortgage transactions (new mortgages and re-finances) as well as home purchases/sales and property management of rental units. They took the time to listen and then shared their sincere opinion with us every time.  I will not do business with any other financial institutions or real estate agencies regardless of how large and/or famous they are.... I TRUST them with my money and my time.
    Fox Family
  • Rafael Herrera
    I hope this email finds you well. First of all I would like to say thank you for all your efforts to help me with all requirements and with the application process. You are so good doing your job and helping me but unfortunately I can’t sign the contract because I found a few issues with the house and the fences that I didn’t realize at the moment you showed the house to me and my daughter. I Believe this is the most formal way to say thank you so much for your helping me, I feel really sorry about this. You did an amazing job! Have a blessed day!  
    Rafael Herrera
  • C Pollock
    Dear Mr. Cusumano, I want to thank-you and your team for all the help you gave me. Your professionalism, service, and kindness is unsurpassed by anyone else. When my daughter Jacque recommended that I go see you for the home and loan approval I needed,  I had no idea that I'd be treated with so much attention and friendliness, as well as professionalism! You told me everything I needed to know and do. Every detail of the process was explained completely. Your patience and much needed advice was of great help. Even when other realtors had misled me, you restored my faith to make my dreams come true. Thanks to you,  I now own my home! I would most certainly recommend Pro-One Investments, to anyone and every one looking to invest in real-estate. Especially if you know little or even a lot about this market, and want to be treated professionally. MrJoe Cusumanoyour knowledgeyour servicesand experience is outstanding!. Sincerely, C Pollock
    C Pollock
  • The Ocampos
    When we found our perfect house, we weren’t even looking to buy; the opportunity simply appeared in what we considered “the perfect neighborhood’. We hadn’t done any of the paperwork that most people do before they find their dream house. The first realtor we went with tried to speed up the paperwork but ultimately the process fell in escrow. At that point a family member asked Joe to work our case. Man…. Joe is a lion!!! From our first meeting he was on the phone with his contacts and using his networking abilities to ensure that the house we found was ours! He worked double-time to correct our paperwork, took it to escrow and got us an amazing interest rate and ultimately got us our house. After hearing so many scary stories from friends and families about buying a house, I’d say we had it easy because Joe did all the work and he simply said - sign here. I would definitely recommend anyone to work with Joe because he will use everything in his power to get them their dream house.
    The Ocampos
  • Mr.& Mrs. Medina
    The person who prompted me to seek Pro-One Investments was a good friend. My story was that I was recently married and living with my parents. My wife and I wanted a place of our own and we did not want an apartment. My wife had really bad credit and I was not making enough to quality by myself. Joe was able to help us, by telling us what bill to pay off that my wife had so we could quality together. We saw many houses and my wife picked the one we are still living in after all these years. We benefited from working with Pro-One Investments because we had tried other places and no one was able to help us out. Thanks Joe  
    Mr.& Mrs. Medina
  • Lawrence E. Herndon 
    Mr. Joe Cusumano, It is a pleasure to report to you my recent experience with Pro-One Investments, Ltd. "What prompted you to seek Pro-One Investments services?" A referral by a friend and a confirmation by a relative of pleasant and efficient real estate dealings. "What was your story and how did we help?" This was not the usual buy/sell real estate deal. The buyer and seller had come to terms and needed help in putting the transaction into place. The terms were handled without any errors promptly and efficiently. Mr. Cusumano advised the buyer of the differences in community property states and the buyer's home state. "How did you benefit from working with Pro-One Investments?" The fees were very reasonable without any of the usual real estate pressure. Everything was taken care of before my move from another state; house cleaners were sent over to prepare the property for my occupancy! Without such a person to rely upon, I would have probably encountered problems and far greater expenses. I look forward to other business dealings with Pro-One Investments. Sincerely, -Lawrence E. Herndon
    Lawrence E. Herndon 
  •  Helen Annstrong
      I first met Mr. Cusumano through my husband, who was in Real Estate. After my husband's death, I contacted Pro-One Investment for some business advice. I remember my husband telling me that Mr. Cusumano was a very good businessman. My in-laws were out to take my home and property from me. Mr. Cusumano went over all my documents and helped me secure a load to hold on to my property. He even went to the courthouse with me to make sure everything was legal and taxes were in order. I will be forever grateful for all he did to help me.  
     Helen Annstrong
  • Socorro R. Zamarripa
    I grew up in the los Angeles area. My family and I decided to relocate to Corona, which was an area we were very unfamiliar with. Although this move was going to be a positive event, we were very apprehensive and had some concerns about the move. We sought referrals from friends and family members to find a realtor familiar with the area, to help us find our dream home. Fortunately, we were referred to Joe Cusumano from a very satisfied (previous) client of his. Mr. Cusumano worked with dedication as my realtor/broker. He was very helpful; he eased our apprehension, he was very patient and helped us in all avenues. He met with my family to find out what we were looking for in a home. Mr. Cusumano learned I was very interested in an area with a prestige school district, and he took the time to show us the local schools and had some very detailed information regarding the school district. He also drove us to the closest shopping areas, grocery stores and was very knowledgeable with regards to the city. I also requested that the property not be too far from my parents, which he accommodated. Being a single parent, I had a very specific budget. There was never any pressure to step outside of that to get into my dream home. Mr. Cusumano attended to all our needs. He was very detailed in his work and made our dream of becoming homeowners in Corona a reality. He was always available to answer questions and did what he had to do to make the process as smooth as possible. He and his team were very patient, caring and supported us through the entire home-buying process from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend Joe Cusumano and his team to anybody looking to buy/selling a home or refinancing. They will carry out your needs to the upmost professionalism, allegiance and do it all with a smile!  
    Socorro R. Zamarripa